“Never Go Out Alone”: An Analysis of College Rape Prevention Tips.

This study sought to explore the messages that many Universities are sending their students regarding rape prevention.


Summary: An analysis of 15 University websites was conducted to explore what, if any rape prevention tips were being presented to students from the University website.  To be included in the study the University had to: be a four year institution, have a traditional campus where students attend in-person, and have fraternities and sororities on campus.  The University’s website was then searched for the following terms, “rape,” “sexual assault,” “crime,” and “prevention tips.”  This study found that most of the specific rape/sexual assault tips were found on a crime prevention page of the University’s website or they were posted along with the annual fire & safety report that Universities are mandated to post online.  No rape/sexual assault tips were found on student resource webpages, such as the women’s resource center or the student health center.  The analysis of the prevention tips also revealed that the vast majority of rape/sexual assault prevention tips were written from the harm reduction point of view, instead of focusing on prevention.

Application/Evaluation: This study found that although there has been a nationwide call for more male involvement in rape/sexual assault prevention, most Universities that offered rape/sexual assault tips on their websites maintained the viewpoint that women are responsible for preventing assaults.  This study examined content on websites.  Evaluation of programs was not conducted.

Limitations: The study analyzed a small number of University websites (n=15) and it was not known if all 15 Universities represented unique geographic locations.

Bedera, N., & Nordmeyer, K.
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Sexuality & Culture
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