Sexual assault supportive attitudes rape myth acceptance and token resistance in Greek and non-Greek college students from two University samples in the United State

Fraternity men demonstrate greater endorsement of rape myth acceptance and token resistance compared to other college students.

Summary: This study explores rape supportive attitudes and sexual assault victimization among college students. The study surveyed 1,002 college students and asked questions about beliefs related to token resistance and rape myth acceptance. The study also looked at past experiences of non-consensual sex. Researchers used the data to make comparisons based on involvement in Greek Life, gender and race/ethnicity. Researchers found that Greek men demonstrated the greatest endorsement of rape myth acceptance and token resistance compared to any group. Results also demonstrated that women, those who were and were not involved with Greek Life, experienced higher rates of rape than men do. However, researchers did not find differences between Greek and non-Greek students for sexual assault victimization. Researchers suggested that the findings contributed to a rape-supportive culture on campus. 

Application/Evaluation: The study did not evaluate the effectiveness of a health program or strategy.

Limitations: This study sampled primarily White students. 

Canan, S. N., Jozkowski, K. N., & Crawford, B. L.
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Journal of Interpersonal Violence
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