The role of gender in violence experienced by adults with developmental disabilities.

There are more gender similarities than differences in the experiences of interpersonal violence among individuals with developmental disabilities.

Summary: The purpose of the study was to examine the experiences of violence, perpetrators of violence, and the physical and mental health status of adults with a variety of developmental disabilities. A sample of 350 adults was recruited from one metropolitan area from one state and urban and rural areas of another state. Participants completed a self-administered survey.  Women were more likely to report sexual abuse as an adult and abuse by an intimate partner.  However, overall the experiences of abuse and health status were similar among men and women. The authors recommended that programs need to be expanded to address the experiences of men with disabilities.

Application/Evaluation: The study did not evaluate the effectiveness of a health program or strategy.

Limitations: The study used a non-random sampling method, limiting the generalizability of the findings.

Platt, L., Powers, L., Leotti, S., Hughes, R. B., Robinson-Whelen, S., Osburn, S., ... & Powers, L. E.
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Journal of Interpersonal Violence
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