Bibliography of Resources by Topic: perpetration

This bibliography includes references to books, video and curricula that aim to inform the public about sexual violence and its aftermath.

This is often a difficult topic to discuss and to learn about. We hope that this list will prove useful to individuals and groups searching for information on this topic. These lists are provided for information purposes only. The Arizona Department of Health Services and the University of Arizona do not specifically endorse the materials listed herein. For more information about a specific resource please contact the listed publisher or distributor directly.

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The Causes of Rape: Understanding Individual Differences in Male Propensity for Sexual Aggression
An evidence-based analysis of coercive sex from developmental criminology, evolutionary psychology, psychopathology, and psychophysiology examining factors that influence the likelihood of rape. 305-page book
Martin L. Lalumiere, Grant T. Harris, Vernon L. Quinsey, and Marnie E. Rice
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Practitioners / Professionals and Service Providers
American Psychological Association
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