Repeat rape and multiple offending among undetected rapists

Pooling data from four samples in which 1,882 men were assessed for acts of interpersonal violence, we report on 120 men whose self-reported acts met legal definitions of rape or attempted rape, but who were never prosecuted by criminal justice authorities. A majority of these undetected rapists were repeat rapists, and a majority also committed other acts of interpersonal violence. The repeat rapists averaged 5.8 rapes each. The 120 rapists were responsible for 1,225 separate acts of interpersonal violence, including rape, battery, and child physical and sexual abuse. These findings mirror those from studies of incarcerated sex offenders (Abel, Becker, Mittelman, Cunningham-Rathner, Rouleau, Murphy, 1987; Weinrott Saylor, 1991), indicating high rates of both repeat rape and multiple types of offending. Implications for the investigation and prosecution of this so called 'hidden' rape are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2002 APA, all rights reserved)
Miller,Paul M.
Lisak, David, U Massachusetts, Dept of Psychology, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA, US, 02125-3393 LA- English AN- 2002-13160-006
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Violence and Victims
Vol 17
This study collected data on self-reported acts of interpersonal violence, attempted rape, or completed rape committed by 1,882 college men. Results revealed that 120 of the men questioned were never prosecuted for their reported acts of rape or attempted rape, and 76 men who reportedly committed acts of rape or attempted rape were repeat offenders with a group average of six rapes per offender. Of these 120 men, 70 men admitted to additional acts of interpersonal violence including battery, physical and/or sexual abuse of children, and sexual assault. This study also analyzed the use of force in acts of rape opposed to rapes committed while the victim was incapacitated due to alcohol consumption. The findings were not significant for the number of rapes committed or the total number of violent acts committed.
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Alcohol, Perpetration, Statistics
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