Preventing sexual assault

Rape--it's an all too familiar event in many women's lives. But what is being done to prevent its occurrence? How do victims deal with the trauma of rape? How are local agencies dealing with the increasing number of victims? How effective are available treatment programs? From the causes of rape to its lingering effects, from disclosure to treatment, "The Rape Victim" offers the most complete examination to date on this most heinous crime. The authors address the trauma of rape, prevention, rape as a community issue, rape crisis centers, date rape, clinical treatment of rape victims, and group treatment for survivors. Psychologists, mental health professionals, social workers, criminologists, nurses, and counselors will benefit from the wealth of information contained in this impressive volume. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2002 APA, all rights reserved)
Koss,Mary P.
Harvey,Mary R.
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Chapter 7 - Preventing sexual assault Rape prevention is an organizing theme in the sexual assault field. Virtually all community-based rape crisis centers and anti-rape projects at local, regional, or national levels sponsor rape prevention initiatives. This chapter examines preventive initiatives in the sexual assault field and touches on activities directed toward each of these goals. Primary attention is given to activities that promote rape elimination through public education and social change as well as rape avoidance through competence-building, risk-awareness, and self defense training.
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Community Attitudes/Responses, Prevention
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