Prevalence and consequences of adult sexual assault of men: Review of empirical findings and state of the literature.

Prevalence rates of adult male sexual victimization vary and research has been unsystematic; yet, literature does indicate that men suffer significant negative consequences.


Summary:  This literature review takes a systemic and comprehensive approach to examining the literature published in the past 25 years on the prevalence and consequences of male adult sexual assault (ASA).  The authors identified 87 articles for the review and discussed the methodological quality and gaps in the research.  A detailed table of studies reviewed is provided.  Findings indicated prevalence rates vary and that ASA is more common among specific populations of men.  Gender differences in the consequences of ASA may be a result of men’s underreporting of distress and other psychological consequences.  In addition, there is very little consistency among operational definitions and standardized instruments for the assessment of sexual assault among men.  More research is needed in this area.


Application: Findings may be useful in the development of prevention and intervention strategies specific to adult male victimization.


Limitations: The article provides a brief overview of the literature.  Specific prevention and intervention strategies are not discussed. 

Peterson, Z. D., Voller, E. K., Polusny, M. A., & Murdoch, M.
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Clinical Psychology Review
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