Arizona Revised Statutes

These links and descriptions may not be accurate due to more current legislation. Other statutes relevant to sexual assault are present in other titles and sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Link to the Arizona State Legislature.

Title 13 - Criminal Code

Chapter 14 - Sexual Offenses

13-1401 Definitions
13-1402 Indecent exposure; exception; classification
13-1403 Public sexual indecency; public sexual indecency to a minor; classifications
13-1404 Sexual abuse; classifications
13-1405 Sexual conduct with a minor; classifications
13-1406 Sexual assault; classification; increased punishment
13-1407 Defenses
13-1408 Adultery; classification; punishment; limitation on prosecution
13-1410 Molestation of child; classification
13-1411 Bestiality; classification; definition
13-1413 Capacity of minor sexual assault victim to consent to medical    examination
13-1414 Expenses of investigation
13-1415 Human immunodeficiency virus and sexually transmitted disease testing; victim's rights; petition; definitions
13-1416 Admissibility of minor's statement; notice
13-1417 Continuous sexual abuse of a child; classification
13-1418 Sexual misconduct; behavioral health professionals; classification
13-1419 Unlawful sexual conduct; correctional employees; persons in custody; classification
13-1420 Sexual offense; evidence of similar crimes; definition
13-1421 Evidence relating to victim's chastity; pretrial hearing
13-1422 Adult oriented businesses; location; hours of operation;  injunction; classification; definitions
13-1423 Violent sexual assault; natural life sentence
13-1424 Voyeurism; classification

Laws on Teen Dating Violence

15-712.01 Allows school districts to incorporate dating abuse information that is age appropriate into the school district's existing health curriculum for pupils in grades seven through twelve.

Chapter 29 - Offenses Against Public Order

13-2921 Harassment; classification; definition
13-2923 Stalking; classification; definitions

Federal Laws Prohibiting Sexual Harassment

In the workplace: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
In the schools: Department of Education Office for Civil Rights


Updated 03/16/2012