Child sexual abuse and adulthood sexual assault among military veteran and civilian women

The purpose of this study was to investigate childhood sexual abuse (CSA), adulthood sexual victimization (ASV), and adulthood sexual assault experiences in a comparison sample of female military veterans (n = 142) and civilian community members (n = 81). Women veterans were significantly more likely than civilian women to report adult sexual assault. Although comparable rates of CSA and ASV were found across groups, veterans more frequently reported having been sexually abused by a parental figure, reported longer durations of CSA, and significantly greater severity of ASV than civilians.

Sexual coercion and mental health symptoms among heterosexual men: the pressure to say yes

The present study investigated the prevalence of female-to-male intimate partner violence (IPV) and mental health symptoms among 370 male university students. Participants completed surveys that measured three types of IPV victimization (sexual, physical, and psychological) and four types of mental health symptoms (anxiety, depression, hostility, and somatic symptoms). Correlations revealed strong positive associations between sexual, physical, and psychological IPV among male victims.

The role of perceptions in dating violence among young adolescents

The high prevalence of dating violence and the severity of its aftermath warrant the collaboration between research and practice for the development of prevention and intervention programs. This study investigates young adolescents' perceptions of dating partner's behaviors in common dating situations and their behavioral reaction to these dating situations. Initially, focus groups provided responses used for the development of a dating violence questionnaire.


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