A routine activity theory explanation for women's stalking victimizations

Presents a study which draws on surveys of university women in its formulation of a routine activity theory model for predicting stalking victimization likelihood for women. Methods; Finding that significant predictors of victimization likelihood include substance use variables, activities in public settings, and residence off campus; Conclusion

Women filing assault charges on an intimate partner: Criminal justice outcome and future violence experienced

To describe the criminal justice outcomes and violence experienced after women seek to file assault charges against an intimate partner, 90 women were interviewed and followed for six months. Threats of violence, physical assault, stalking, and danger were measured by interview questionnaires at the time of filing charges and at 3 and 6 months later. Among the 90 women, 48% had insufficient evidence for charges; of the 52% making charges, 11% dropped charges, 37% of the perpetrators were arrested, and 4% remained fugitives.

The dangerous nature of intimate relationship stalking: Threats, violence, and associated risk factors

Compared 135 intimate and 88 non-intimate stalking cases managed by the Los Angeles Police Department's Threat Management Unit. Data were collected through the Revised Zona Profile--Threat Management Research Questionnaire 5.0. A path analysis revealed a significant relationship between the stalkers' intimate vs non-intimate status and violence committed toward persons and property.

The impact of stalkers on their victims

100 victims of stalking completed a 50-item questionnaire to assess the impact of the experience on their psychological, social, and interpersonal functioning as well as their risk for physical and sexual assault. The majority of the victims were subjected to multiple forms of harassment including being followed, repeatedly approached, and bombarded with letters and telephone calls for periods varying from 1 mo to 20 yrs. Threats were received by 58 Ss, and 34 were physically or sexually assaulted.


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