Efficacy of bystander programs to prevent dating abuse among youth and young adults: A review of the literature.

Summary: The purpose of the systematic review was to describe the content and components of bystander programs and summarize findings regarding the impact of the interventions on participants’ attitudes and behaviors. The review analyzed 15 empirical studies that were published after 2005 and evaluated bystander focused programs. Among the 15 studies, 9 bystander intervention programs were investigated.

Combining primary prevention and risk reduction approaches in sexual assault protection programming.

Summary: The purpose of the study was to examine the effectiveness of Elemental, a sexual assault protection program that combines primary prevention and risk reduction strategies. The Elemental program targets high school and college students and consists of 6 hours of training. The intervention and control groups were recruited from a large Midwest university and small liberal arts college. The results showed that the program participants experienced lower risk of unwanted sexual contact or activity at 6 months.


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