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Understanding Sexual Violence: Prosecuting Rape and Sexual Assault Cases

Presents information through of a format of a case file. Curriculum uses small group exercises and plenary discussions and covers effects of rape myths and stereotypes on charging decisions, jury selection and jury deliberations; how victim impact affects victim interviewing and preparation; experts such as sexual assault forensic examiners; drug-facilitated rape; plea offers and sentencing. 4-Day Curriculum available in web-based format as a HTML and MS Word document.

Harassment on Trial

An example of sexual harassment and arbitration through teen court. Includes a 27-minute VHS and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans, handouts, and activities. The National Institutes of Health found this program to demonstrate significant effects and it has won the Telly and Summit awards.

Successfully Investigating Acquaintance Sexual Assault: A National Training Manual for Law Enforcement

Investigates non-stranger sexual assault. Training materials include 12 content modules, 12 trainer's curriculum units, classroom overheads, and supplemental materials that include sample affidavits and search warrants. Training manual available in web-based format as a PDF or HTML document

Preventing Pregnancy from Sexual Assault: Four Action Strategies to Improve Hospital Policies on Provision of Emergency Contraception

A toolkit offering facts about emergency contraception and four strategies to increase access: legislation, administrative efforts, litigation and voluntary efforts. 124-page document. Available online in PDF format (free).


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