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Harassment on Trial

An example of sexual harassment and arbitration through teen court. 27-minute VHS. Includes a teacher’s guide with lesson plans, handouts, and activities. The National Institutes of Health found this program to demonstrate significant effects and it has won the Telly and Summit awards.

A Question of Rape

Follows a date rape through legal investigation and trial, highlighting consequences, difficult issues, and responsibilities of involved parties. Includes a 21-page guidebook. 30-minute video available in VHS or DVD format

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Stalking Prevention and Intervention in Rural Native American Communities: Training, Research, and Education

A training manual for rural Native American communities providing information on federal, state, and tribal laws, law enforcement responses, judicial responses, advocacy, prevention and intervention, and resources. Training manual available in web-based format as a PDF, TXT, or HTML document.(1998 with 2001 updates).

Educating the Community About Sexual Assault and the Management of Sex Offenders in the Community

The curriculum contains four sections: what community members need to know about sexual assault and sex offenders; conducting a community notification; managing sex offenders; and the role of the community. Materials include lecture notes, slides, learning activities, handouts, a user’s guide, and special consideration for community education. Curriculum available in web-based format as PDF files and PowerPoint slides.


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