The differential effects of rape prevention programming on attitudes, behavior, and knowledge

This investigation evaluated whether type of programming differentially affects elaboration likelihood model central route processing of rape prevention messages, attitudes, knowledge, behaviors, and stability of change. The 258 participants were assigned to a didactic-video program, an interactive drama, or control. Measured over S time periods, results indicated that (a) the interactive drama was most effective in promoting central route processing; (b) the didactic-video intervention was more effective than the control at altering men's rape myth acceptance at 1 month, but change was not stable; (c) a pattern of rebounding scores on rape attitudes occurred for both interventions; (d) interactive drama participants were more able to identify consent versus coercion; and (e) interactive drama participants demonstrated differences on behavioral indicators. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2002 APA, all rights reserved)
Heppner,Mary J.
Humphrey,Carolyn F.
Hillenbrand-Gunn,Theresa L.
DeBord,Kurt A.
LA- English AN- 1996-09146-001
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Journal of Counseling Psychology
This study evaluates how program type affects the processing of rape prevention messages targeting, attitudes, knowledge, behaviors, and change. Participants (N = 258) were assigned to one of three conditions: 1) didactic-video program, 2) interactive drama intervention, or 3) nontreatment control. Results show that both the interactive drama and the didactic-video intervention were more effective than the control at altering men's rape myth acceptance at 1-month post intervention. Change, however, was not stable; both interventions had rebounding scores on rape attitudes. Participants in the interactive drama condition were more able to identify consent versus coercion and demonstrate differences on behavioral indicators.
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Evaluation; prevention
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