Adolescent dating violence: Differences between one-sided and mutually violent profiles

Individuals reporting violence within a dating relationship may fit into one of three profiles: (a) victim only--the individual sustains violence but does not initiate violence in the dating relationship; (b) perpetrator only--the individual initiates violence but does not sustain violence in the dating relationship; or (c) mutually violent--the individual both sustains violence and initiates violence within the dating relationship. Very little is known about how individuals within these three dating violence profiles may differ. The present study 1. Compares prevalence, amount, and severity of violence within adolescent relationships across the three profiles 2. Determines if relationship characteristics such as relationship duration, the level of commitment to the relationship, and the effects of violence on the relationship are associated with dating violence profile 3. Determines if individual characteristics such as past experiences with dating violence, exposure to violence at home, and acceptance of dating violence are associated with dating violence profile.
Gray,Heather M.
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Journal of Interpersonal Violence
This study investigated prevalence and severity of adolescent dating violence. Participants included 185 students (from 6th to 12th grades), who responded to a questionnaire about dating violence and were classified as victim-only, perpetrator-only, or mutually-violent. Results indicated that most dating violence prevention and treatment programs are based on the one-sided violent relationship. However, the most common profile for dating violence is the mutually-violent relationship. Limitations of this study included: the omission of gender differences in severity as well as consequences of, reactions to, and initiation of physical violence. An additional limitation involved not accounting for sexual violence perpetrated by males and subsequent female use of physical violence.
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Adolescent/High School, Perpetration
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